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Video  Art Direction  Motion  Graphics


is the brand of Joshua Lindo as a Director / Designer I’ve been in the creative industry since 1996 working with advertising, broadcast, corporate video and digital content creation.


In my childhood I had a number of inspirations one was the music video Take On Me by a-ha - where a comic  sketch comes to life and interacts with live action, I knew then that Art direction, design & video was my path.


Being visionary is important to me as is my passion for creative solutions so I listen and think to create designs that are well thought out working across advertising, broadcast, corporate video, info graphics and campaigns, having worked with a range of the worlds biggest brands and small start ups covering idea generation, art direction, design, animation, motion graphics, 3d and visual effects.


My objective is to excite and invigorate brands with virtuosity, moving images to move people. Although not all is kinetic but it will be dynamic.


Video  Art Direction  Motion  Graphics