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  • FORD

    Interactive / You Tube Video / Campaign

    2011 Ford Focus Global Pre - launch


    Design Direction + VFX Supervision + 2d animation + Compositing



    Ford aligned it’s technology globally and the emphasis was to communicate Fords new technology design and performance features of the 2011 Ford focus. Working with the agency Blue Hive we used the format of an interactive You tube video, using annotations to create a stand alone video microsite all within a single You-tube video.

    Filmed in studio on green screen using the Red 1 camera, then composited in after effects.  We had to keep in mind left and right hand drive considerations and localisation for multiple languages.


    For the actual look of the animation the character was digitaly re-lit in post on to a basic virtual set background with the addition of gesture based futuristic virtual user interface for him to interact with.  It was important to carry through some of the Ford Branding through on the user interface. A number of subtle optical lens effects techniques where used to help sell the shots

    Geneva 2011 Motor Show

    Interactive / Website / Visual Design / Motion Graphics


    Design + Art direction + 2d / 3d VFX + compositing



    Working with the agency Blue Hive and showcasing the release of some of Fords up coming 2011 cars, this campaign followed directly on from the Ford Focus 2011 Pre-launch and shared some similarities with look and feel with the aim to present Fords innovative new technology.


    As with any up and coming new car there is a lot of sensitivity on secrecy so part of the challenge was  not knowing what the upcoming cars would look like. Naturally the solution was to work with proxies but some of the effects where highly dependant on the car shape and image itself, so it was important to build a modular pipeline that could be atomic and accommodate change.  A lot of the effects where created using Trapcode suite with in after effects and the background environment was built in 3ds Max.

    Interactive / Banner / Campaign

    Own The Road


    3d Animation + Compositing



    The intention for this interactive banner was to bring us back to childhood.  In this banner we see the road reshape incrementally growing more complex with each click whilst large child hood toys falls down on the road.


     The objective for the user was to keep the Ford Focus driving on this obstacle course unchallenged and staying on track.


    There was also a life size TV version to support this campaign with similar giant obstacles falling down.

    Interactive / Microsite / Navigation device / Campaign

    Own The Road  ( Focustron )


    3d Visualisation + Animation + Compositing



    This Focustron device was part of an interactive navigation system for the Ford Focus microsite.


    It was meant to have a feel of an old loved toy and inherited some characteristics to the Star Trek communicator which was meant to bring us back to childhood.


    Created 3ds Max, there was lots of attention to detail on this device such as purpose placed scratches to take on the appearance of a well used toy and crafted as though made with tools of yester year's manufacturing processes. Where possible we added some car like attributes and materials such as the rear car light red for one button, a Ford car paint Blue for the body and the home button was created to look like the icon was hand painted with subtle imperfections.





    Interactive / Microsite / Campaign

    Terminal 5 is working


    Design + VFX Supervision + compositing



    Terminal 5 is working / BA Advocacy a live interactive web campaign documenting a series of pre determined moods.  This campaign featured a number of elements including a microsite and a series of expandable banners.


    After BA received bad press at it’s T5 launch, this campaign was needed to prove that T5 was fully functional and successful by gathering live customer feed back via multiple choice questionnaire on a day to day basis at the T5 Lounges.


    The T5 Lounges where filmed using time lapse photography.  The best way to articulate these moods was to use good old British weather accompanied with music.  The juxtaposition of a range of weather types overlayed with a number of words expressed a real time snapshot of customer moods.


    Each lounge was presented in the first person, the user could switch between each of the lounges or view the overall status, experiencing the day to day running of T5.


    This was created as part of a team and part of my contributions was using the weather to help depict the moods and setting up a structure and a composite so that would work.


    Part of the challenge was to keep the website light, responsive and interactive whilst been able to have the options of several moods / lighting set ups, this was achieved by utilising some faux lighting principals adapted for use in a consolidated Flash time line.

    Comms / Campaign

    Miles Redemption


    Design + 2d VFX Supervision + 3d animation + Compositing



    Miles redemption, hi lighting BA miles used in the form of a quiz theme which aimed to test user's travel knowledge on BA worldwide destinations, cryptic clues of several locations helped BA customers pinpoint the locations. The main task was to supervise the design work-flow & VFX processes, so that we could cater for each location using the global form and that it would work with the Art direction, whilst also building a 3D globe / city.

    Banner / Campaign

    Upgrade to first


    Design + VFX Supervision



    The task was to recreate a number of transitional devices that unveil in some way the upgrade from Business Class up to First Class, several devices where used in total for a variety of Flash banners.


    Filmed in studio on green screen. The challenge was to have convincing execution achieved with After effects, Flash and 3ds Max, 3ds Max was used amongst others to help realise some of the transitions, one was to simulate a convincing cloth like effect for a curtain reveal.  Another transitional device created was a concertina adding a little flex and bounce gave this concertina natural springy appearance

  • BT

    Interactive / Microsite / Business web tool

    Built by you


    Design + 3d animation + compositing



    Built by you was a simple online flash interactive tool that helped BT’s customers match there business needs with there business services.


    The look and feel was to be simple and playful and mimic a stop frame animation, navigated by an illustrated avatar,  My main role was crafting the look and feel of the main scene which was created using 3ds max.


    Nissan Clear Campaign Development

    Comms / Website / Print / Campaign


    Design + 3d Visualisation



    This project started of by winning a pitch and was intended to be a kit of parts with the concept of Nissan Clear which continued to develop mainly online comms and instore.


    It was created using 3ds Max, my original intention was to create something that appeared to be Photorealistic tactile playful, translucent and almost edible.


    Comms / Campaign / Pitch

    Digital UK Switch-over pitch


    Design + Visualisation + 3d Animation



    This robot character Digit - Al was used in a pitch campaign to help promote the switch over from Analog TV to digital. Part of the task was to replicate the Digit - Al character using 3ds Max and adding our own idiosyncrasies so as to convey several narratives to help channel this campaign in a new direction.


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